Get Paid to Connect People

Make Personal Connection Recommendation Between People

  • Without Sharing Their Contact Details

What is Pluhg?

Pluhg is a social networking utility that allows you to earn money for your Connections. You can make Personal Connection Recommendations between people or request your own Personal Connection Recommendation. No personal contact details are shared unless you share them yourself!

The three connection types are:


Why Pluhg?

Make Personal Connection Recommendations between your friends and associates that don’t know each other. You are the TRUSTED connection.
Create a channel of communication between your friends and associates without having to exchange their personal contact details

Earn money for every Personal Connection Recommendation you make in Pluhg

How to Pluhg?


Send a Connection Recommendation to two of your Contacts and hope they accept


Send a Connection Request to your Followers and Contacts asking for a Personal Connection Recommendation


Follow friends and associates in Pluhg and Respond to their request for a Connection by making a Personal Connection Recommendation

When to Pluhg?

Business Connections

Event Connections

Social Connections

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