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Our Products

Wide Range of Metal and Wire shelving, to select for all the Areas of a Retail outlet.
Specialized solution providing tools of each section of a Food and Non Food Stores.
Most updated Fixtures and Displays to optimize and beautify Outlets in the most effective manner.
World-leading range of highly efficient manned checkouts and a wide range of self-checkouts.
Incorporating sustainable, innovative solutions, efficiency, security and ergonomics are highlights of Checkouts.Our checkout arena concept includes all products from measurement of customer flow at the entrance to cash management, customer support, monitoring and exiting.

Efficient and Low Energy Consumption product range is the highlight of our Refrigerated Cabinets.
Most Suitable for Chilling or Frozen solution, Maintaining the Food at the Right Temperature.
Adaptability to any ambient conditions, is the highlight of our products.
World Class Designs of our cabinet beautifies the aesthetic and ambience of the Retail outlets.

Insulated wall, ceiling and floor panels, and Doors of High Quality, Environment Friendly and Fire Retarded suit to customer specified sizes.

Supply, Assemble and commission with the most effective Refrigeration to Run effectively Round the Clock to keep Back stores perfect.

Walk in Commercial Cold Rooms and Warehouse Cold Storage are the highlights.

Integrated Food Conceptual Cabinets to merchandise Cold and Hot Food at the Ready meal areas of Retail outlets

Experience combined with the customer’s needs, our knowledge, the newest world trends are Blended to offer innovative proposals in terms of design, operation and aesthetics.

Carefully designed with thoughtful details and functionality and maintaining the highest standards.
Our products to provide long and reliable usage in your stores, with a long term return on your invest.Model lines boasting an impressive loading capacity, a variety of size options an extensive accessories.
High Capacity, Noise-Free Movement, Environment Friendly are highlights.

Ready made or Customised Stainless Streel preperation Furniture suitable to the Retail outlets.

Deli/ Butchery/Bakery/Fish/Vegetable and Ready meal preperation areas are covered by our Ready made or custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Tables/ sinks/wall cabinets / tray Stands Etc

Imported Preparation tools such as Mincing Machines, Bone saw cutters, Slicers etc. complete the equipment for the preparation areas.

Products from Non-corrosive quality components for reliability
Tin plated evaporator units to inhibit the formation of lime scale Stainless Steel Body
Functioning by environmentally friendly refrigerant
Produces Cubes and Flakes suitable for Retail Displays and Catering Sectors

Specialized in the design, Supply and installation of Metal Storage Racking solutions of any kind and any size of storage.

Pallet Racking/ Drive in pallet Racking/ Mobile Pallet Racking/ Pallet Shuttle/ Live Pallet Racking/Push-Back Pallet Racking/Cantilever Racking/ Longspan picking racks/ Bolt free Shelving/Slotted Angle shelving/storage Racks for Cold rooms