I'm covered, right?

Choosing the right insurance sucks.
We make it suck less.

How it works

Answer some questions

10 to be exact. It’ll take you 5
minutes, promise.

Get personalized

100% free to you.

Get the right insurance
for your life.

You’ll save money and stop
wondering if you’re really

Insurance is so

We know. It’s the worst. Especially when there is so much terminology involved.
How do you know what you’re actually paying for?
So, we made this snazzy little video to break it down.

Who are you guys?

Good question. We’re a small group of real people living
in the US of A who want to make insurance shopping
less lame. We know choosing your coverage will never
be fun, but we want to make sure you’re covered for
whatever life throws your way and save you money on
the stuff you don[‘t need. Security + Savings = you’re
happy. And that makes us happy.
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