Direct Resolutions Trading LLC, established in 2008 and has managed to gain a well reputation in the market of electronics and technical high technology services and in import export business as well in wholesale business with a customer friendly environment.

We work to provide the latest technology and products at affordable prices to all our customers. Our focus is on our customer satisfaction. We work on building a trust with our consumers, we supply our clients with electronics, & equipment, home appliances.

Our target market ranges from all age groups to all genders. We provide the needs of our market by predicting and stocking all the required items of our clients before they order it. Latest gadgets, Generators, etc…

As we strongly believe in great customer service and work towards it. In doing so, we offer after sales support and follow ups with special offers that are provided by our suppliers and product manufacturers. We also offer home delivery service and installation.


As we step into the business world which is heavily competitive we embrace all of our clients as they are part of our business

Hence our core values being:


– Safety

– Perfection

– Passion

– Trustworthy

– Integrity

– Honesty

– Transparency

With these values, we hope to retain our business by being one of the best in the market and hope to attract new customers in the future. We always work to find something that suits your needs and your budget.

Through the years, we have built strong relationships with our clients in different countries. Our aim is to build a long term and profitable relationship with our clients in order to be better capable of serving them for a long term, and to develop this relationship to fulfill all the requirements of our valued clients.

Raydiom International General Trading grown over the years, we have maintained our most important priority, which is to always put our clients first.


  • Mr. Ali Hassan is from Jordan, 65 Years old , qualified holding degree in Business Administration from Kuwait. Started same line of trading company there in the year 1995 His market experience has been gained with investment of his ideas and business relations.

  • He used to traveled frequently in United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries for marketing and built up customer base for his company, while marketing he found that UAE is the right place for growing his business because Dubai is big business hub also its geographical location and accessibility to international targeted market

  • Looking forward to his dream goal, he established this company Direct Resolutions Trading LLC. Dubai, UAE. In the year 2016 he shifted the entire business activity from oversees to UAE. Till this time since its inception the company consistently moving towards targeted goal and spread the business empire in local as well as international market.

  • Mr. Ali Hassan invested his relations with key number of international and local suppliers of several demanded products to establish his own business and drive it to achieve business goals, with future plans to extend into new markets.


Import & Export

We specialized in importing and exporting of goods and technology. We always provide our customers with qualified products and the best service. Surely we have enjoyed high reputation among our customers all over the world.

With our strengths, we would like to establish friendly cooperation relations with clients home and abroad on the basis of good faith, mutual benefit and common development.


To be recognized as a leading supplier in the region, of the highest quality products and services to our customers.



P.O.Box: 48821, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 -4-2737670

Fax: +971-4-3399096

Email: info@directtrading.co

Website: www.directtrading.co