Looking for Bite-Sized, Trend-Setting, Evergreen, Industry Relevant Videos for your Marketing Efforts?

A whopping 90% of consumers say videos help them make better buying decisions and 64% say it makes them more likely to buy.

Simply stated – video is a brand’s ultimate voicebox! Capabable of delivering a message directly to your audience rivaled only by your best marketing manager, customer service representative and sales person combined!

And it can do it on-demand 24/7 without a vacation or lunch break! Hows that for a good investment?

For us, video marketing is a no-brainer. We specialize in delivering the right message at the right time to your audience – flawlessly.

From custom live footage, in-person interviews, client testimonials, animations,  drone footage, green screen video – we got you!

Below are just a few examples of our story-telling production capability. All shot in-house with our own equipment, custom-written scripts and video camera experts!

Our Video Marketing Capabilities Include:

An in-house dedicated expert audio / visual team with over 20+ years dedicated to our TV and video production clients.

An on-site fully equipped green room and studio in Clinton, New Jersey.

From talking head videos to food videos to full scale productions, we have you covered. See below what you get from working with us:

Casting Calls

Talent Casting

On-Site Television & Film Quality Production Studio

Long-Form Infomericals

30-60 Second Commercials

9:16 Aspect Ratio Videos

ICO Launch Videos

Facebook Livestream Videos

Event Coverage Videos

Trade Show Videos & Photography

Real Estate Videos & Photography

Social Media Videos & Photography

Crowdfunding Videos & Photography

Fundraising Videos

Keynote Speech Videos

Client Testimonial Videos

Company Spotlight Videos

Employee Training Videos

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Client Reviews

Highly Recommended! Kevin and his team is doing a great job for my ORM clients. They can even remove bad links in just few hours. Working with this expert from 5 years.

John Smith